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Practice Vadalabene 9:00 AM Saturday May12th (First game Monday)

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Next Practice... Practice Vadalabene 9:00 AM Saturday May12th
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First Game is... Monday, May 14 but now at 8:15 PM instead of 6:15...


Our practice at field 10 of the C'ville Sports Complex was attended by ten players. Lots of infield practice was done to make up for all the indoor and outfield practices we’ve had this month and last.

The practice at Jaycee Field went very well. Everyone is hitting better. Pitchers are coming along and getting more work. The infield was a tad muddy so more hitting was on tap. When the games finally start, we'll be hitting better than the Cardinals. May not be sharp in the infield, but perhaps we can get some work in this Saturday.

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