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Practice Vadalabene 9:00 AM Saturday May12th (First game Monday)

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Next Practice... Practice Vadalabene 9:00 AM Saturday May12th
Schedule Is Out... Go to Calendar, then Games...
First Game is... Monday, May 14 but now at 8:15 PM instead of 6:15...


We now have a schedule of games here more or less as the softball commissioner sent it. I purpled up a few key items. A modified “our team only” schedule is there. The original spreadsheet for download also.

Our first game is the league’s inaugural game on Monday, May 14 at 6:15 PM on field 5. We’ll be playing another 12U team, burgundy team 6. The other pure 12U team is Orange team 2. The only team we play four times is not a 12U team. I’m betting the Kiwi team 4 are the ones with the fifteen year old fire ball pitcher who we’re playing an extra time.

We’ve got sixteen games condensed into seven weeks (eight for most everyone else). That means two and three games a week. Three Monday-Wednesday-Friday fun packed weeks all in June. Hopefully no one is taking vacations in June this summer. Three of four tentative rain dates are also in June which could saddle us with two four game weeks. You gotta love it.

CBSL’s web site is still devoid of any useful information.


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